25 September 2012

Some photos I found in my camera...

...and some from my walk today!

It was a glorious day for a walk. I took my usual one mile walk just to clear the cobwebs from my brain after multiple hours of studying. I head down the trail to the west...

(This little tree is actually on the way to the trail.)

Do you see the cross in the picture below?
This is part of the horse trail that runs parallel to the biking trail I'm walking on. I had to walk across it to get to...
...the cross!

I blogged about this little cemetery a few years back. It always fascinates me that I walked past this and never new what it was...for years! The cross used to be unpainted wood and you could just barely see it. I got curious and walked over to it and discovered a tiny cemetery that only contains a few graves. It's the old Catholic cemetery that they still keep up, but now they use a larger plot by the lake. Here are some more views of the little cemetery...

Goodbye little cemetery...

Heading back home...
Can you see a little log cabin in the center of this picture? It's the little cabin my dad built some years back. It was always his dream to build a cabin like the one on Walden Pond. It's kind of "going back to nature", but it's sort of a family heirloom...

Here's the corner where I turn left off of the trail to get home. But if you look to the right...
you'll see where the current Catholic cemetery is, overlooking the lake. Very pretty.

But now I'll head up the hill to the left and my driveway is just about 50 yards away!

It's getting late, so I'll save the rest of the photos for next time. Goodnight and shalom!

11 September 2012

One more time, folks!

I'm almost embarrassed to mention it, but to keep Grandpa Glenn up to date...Josh and family have moved BACK TO TEXAS AGAIN! The job at the potato plant sort of turned sour. After promising him 40 hours/wk they ended up giving him more like twenty, which isn't enough to pay the bills by a long shot. SO...off they went. Well, I'm glad they are safely ensconced at Jess's folks' place and they can concentrate on doing their college classes. I think little Nathan missed the grandparents he's grown up with there, so I'm glad for him in that regard as well. His little sis, Starry, wasn't as aware of what was going on, but I was feeling sorry for Nathan. I think this sort of moving around can really compromise a little one's feelings of security.

We'll miss these little boogers! Oh, and here's a photo Jordan put on for his new Facebook profile picture.  This was quite a while ago when he went to Uganda on a mission trip. (Pom, he's the bald guy in the back on the right.)  ;)


Have a wonderful day, y'all!

06 September 2012

Presenting Miss Hazel Jane!

Born September 5, 12:30 a.m., weighing in at 6 lb. 7 oz. and 19 inches in length. She's a keeper!

We think her face is very similar to Audrey's, though her haircolor (and length!) is very different. Audrey had long, black hair. Won't they be a cute pair? At 13 months apart do you think we might sneak them both into the same class at school? But I'm getting way ahead of myself!!

School is keeping me too busy for much blogging time, but I thought I would officially present Miss Hazel to society.

Vaya con dios and shalom!