30 August 2011

Scaling back...

I had to make a difficult decision yesterday. I dropped my two nursing classes! I will reapply for next fall, but this semester I need to just concentrate on the three generals I have to finish. Five classes was just too overwhelming and I feel like I need to give 100% of my concentration to those nursing classes when the time comes. My nursing instructor was very kind and helpful. I'm hanging onto my pile of nursing books and I will try to read through some of them in the spring and summer so I have a head start for the fall semester. I feel so much better having more time to work on Chemistry, Nutrition and College Writing II!

I went for a two mile walk yesterday and hope to continue doing some walking at least every other day. Now that I only have three classes I may work in four more days of work each month. That should help with the pocketbook.

The next three years will be challenging intellectually and financially, but the Lord can get us through it! :D

14 August 2011

My study area is ready for business!

I spent a couple of hours today in my study area in the loft. I cleaned out the leftovers from last spring semester and dusted. Then I took the shrink wrap off of all of my new books and installed them in two small bookshelves. Tomorrow I'll check in on my online Chemistry class which the instructor is opening early. I'll feel better if I get a head start! Other classes begin on August 22.
Bob bought me a new lunch pail for school! (Actually, I'll probably use it to store some of my watercolors in!)

I found these two old books at a garage sale. Even if I never read them, I love to look at them. Do I love the covers more than the books themselves? I'm not sure!

This is a book I picked up at the library book sale. I've read it before and I wanted to add it to my collection of writing books. It's old, but lots of the info is still good to have.

Have to get to bed soon. See y'all!

11 August 2011

Here comes school!

I made the long drive to Wadena to the college bookstore to pick up part of my books for the new semester. There were so many I had to borrow the bookstore cart to haul them out to my car! These were just the books for my two nursing classes! I'm hoping that many of them are reference books that will be used for many years to come.

The UPS delivered my chemistry, writing and nutrition books today and I'm expecting another shipment in a day or two with my lab kit. Tomorrow I'll drive back to Wadena to pick up a "nursing kit" that wasn't available when I went the last time.

The huge number of books is a little daunting, but I've decided not to freak out. It's a decision. One day at a time.

Hubby, Bob, and I cleaned out our old camper today. I've stored a lot of stuff in there over the years. I found many treasures in the process. Much of the stuff suffered water damage from a hole in the skylight, but I salvaged a lot of my kids' school papers from our homeschooling days and many old books that I had squirreled away. There were several boxes of books that will be donated to the library book sale, but many others I will keep. There were things in there that I'd forgotten I owned! One tin contained a piece of hardanger that I didn't make. I must have gotten it at a garage sale, but it's very cool. There were also some decoupaged boxes my mom made for me years ago. My collection of salt and pepper shakers were among the finds. I've wondered where those went! I kept a stack of "This England" and homeschooling magazines, along with some "Israel My Glory" magazines. These will be "someday" reading. I'll try to add some photos to this post later.

With the birth of Audrey, the coming of the fall semester and our efforts to sort through a 21 year accumulation of stuff, things are busy around here. I found a copy of "Streams in the Desert" (another gift from Mom!) and I think I'll begin reading it to help keep life in perspective when things get crazy! :)

Shalom and goodnight!