28 December 2012

The Christmas Photos...lots of 'em!

Christmas was a snowy wonderland of fun!

And then the little ones arrived!
Audrey loves her blanky! She's such a fun little person.
Next comes little Hazel in her elf jammies. She brought her mom along for the fun!
Sittin' in daddy's lap.
After dinner Audrey was ready to practice her new paper ripping skills.
Don't cry, Hazey!
So far, a zebra and a horsey...and a bottle for Hazey.
Oooo, a silky little blanky is always welcome!
What are you gonna open next, Audrey?
Audrey continues her patient ripping...
Pajammies for Hazel...
Oh, look! That dolly is the same size as Hazel! (We're hoping it will act as a decoy. Audrey is a very good big sister, but we have visions of her dragging her little sister around by the foot.)
She's a big hit with Audrey!
Time to play Mommy...
Audrey got a Sit 'n' Spin from her mom and dad, so, of course, her dolly has to try it out. Note her cell phone on top of it. ;)
This gift stuff wears a girl out!
Sleeping in the Pack 'n' Play...
Later that evening, Audrey demonstrated her stacking skills. We've seen her stack these little Jenga blocks three high on end like this...more than once!
Visiting with Grandpa on the phone. (Grandpa was sitting about 15 feet away.)
She loves to climb into Grandpa's recliner...
 My apologies to anyone who doesn't like to look at expired deer...
These were taken a few weeks ago, but they're so cute!
Good-bye for now from snowy Minnesota! Love you all!