29 March 2013

Good Friday, Looking Forward to Resurrection Sunday!

Thank you, Jesus, for making a way for us to find our way home!

18 March 2013

Mini-family reunion and TKD tournament...

Saturday was a full day! After work I came home to a house full of family. My step-daughter, Missy, and her boyfriend, Shane had driven from Fargo to watch Micah and Jordan compete in a taekwondo tournament in Park Rapids. After the tournament everyone came out to visit and have supper together. I had put a roast in the crock pot in the morning and when I arrived at home Missy was whipping up some mashed potatoes and Bob was cooking some vegetables. After the meal Missy did the dishes! What a luxury for this foot weary working woman!
Missy and Micah, poised to take pictures with her snazzy new camera...

Hazel and Uncle Jordan hang out together...

Audrey wow's Grandpa and Shane with her stacking abilities...

And some taekwondo glamour shots!

Micah and Jordan drove to a church 1-1/2 hours away tonight. We've had snow storm warnings, so I've stayed up awaiting their safe return. Looks like Jordan is going to spend the night at his friend Ezra's house (our driveway is probably impassable for my car) and Micah just called to let us know she made it safely home. So, I'm off to bed!
Tomorrow night we head back to Minneapolis to put Jordan on a plane back to Texas. Prayers for safe travel are appreciated since we have more storm warnings for tomorrow! Hmmm...maybe Jordan should stay for an extra day or two! :D
Good-night and peace to you all! (All two of you who read this blog, hee, hee!)

13 March 2013

A special visitor...

Son Jordan has come to visit for a week! We got home at 2 a.m. this morning after picking him up from the airport in Minneapolis. After sleeping late we got up for a late breakfast and have just had a great day of visiting, babysitting and more visiting!

Jordan treated us to some of the worship music he plays at his church as their worship leader.

Audrey did some coloring...

and Uncle Jordan did a quick sketch of her using her crayons!

Odj also enjoyed trying out Grandpa's binoculars!

Hazel had fun rolling around on the floor, swinging in her swing and jumping in her jumperoo, in addition to lots of holding and cuddling time!

Here are a few random photos taken in the last week. We've gotten a LOT of snow. I guess we need the moisture, but it does make things challenging. The horses had fun with it!


Hopefully, I'll get more photos while Jordan's here. We're so glad he could come and so proud of the great person he's become.

11 March 2013

Paint Lick, Kentucky becomes important in our lives...

Son Josh called this morning to update us on their move to Kentucky. It turns out that their mailing address is Paint Lick, Kentucky! Sounds intriguing, don't you think?  I found this webpage with some old photos.


He doesn't sound too excited about the rurality of their new abode, but there are several larger towns nearby where they can find some "culture". It doesn't sound like they're going to stick around the area indefinitely; just until they graduate and he finds a job. But it's always fun to  learn about a new place!

Time to get ready for work. Shalom, y'all!

09 March 2013

A good weekend to be home...

Glad it's my weekend off because I probably couldn't get out of the driveway anyway!

I took this earlier this morning. The horses are taking shelter under some evergreens. Notice the horse on the far right. She's picking her feet up high to clear the knee deep (horse knees that is) snow.

They were having fun chasing each other through the deep snow. It doesn't look very deep in this picture, but in some areas it's much deeper.
This was taken later in the morning when there was a little more light.
Josh, Jess and family made it safely to Berea, Kentucky yesterday where they will be making their home along with Jess's folks and siblings. We're looking forward to seeing pictures of the farm, complete with alpacas! When we get some photos I'll share them here.
It's a nice quiet weekend for us. I'm doing a little house cleaning and making up the sleeper sofa in the back bedroom for Jordan who will arrive from Texas onTuesday night. Bob and I will be making the trek to Minneapolis to pick him up about 9:30 p.m. so it will be late when we get back home. We hope to get in some good visiting until he returns to Texas on the 19th. That will involve another trek to Minneapolis to catch a 6:00 A.M. (!) flight. I've arranged my hours at work so I can catch up on my sleep! (He's worth it!)
I'm also reading through all of the materials from my Long-Term Nursing Care class so I can take my CNA (certified nursing assistant) exam in May. It's been 3 years since I took the course, so I was concerned that I would have to take the class again before I could take the exam, but the instructor said I could challenge the exam without taking the course over. Yea! CNA's don't make that much more than I do right now at my deli job, but I think it would be rewarding work without the extreme responsibilities of a registered nurse. I'm aiming for working in a nursing home or home health, NOT a hospital.
Other than that, I'm getting in some art time and enjoying home life when not working. I'm determined to trust God for that looming student loan, but He can take care of that better than anyone. After all, who, by worrying, can add one cubit to his stature? (Where have I heard that before?)

Oh, and here are two photos I just came across while changing my grandkid photos on the sidebar. See a similarity here?

Starry and Nathan at the zoo...
Audrey (on the right) and her cousin, Cali. (Don't lose your drawers, Audrey!) This is the picture window on the end of Micah and Adam's trailer and Audrey is pointing at the horses in the pasture. I thought these two pics were really cute!
Blessings on your household and may you be filled with shalom! :)