12 January 2013

Pom-Pom treasures and the girls...

I received a special treat in the mail a few days ago; a package from my art pal, Pom-Pom! (We keep her true identity a secret, of course...)

Pom, as always, I love your drawing style! Should I color the black and white drawing? I will have fun cutting out the baby paper dolls and clothes. I will make a pretty box to store them in until Audrey is big enough to play with them. (I think it might be a disaster if I give them to her too soon!) The stationery with the cranberry crisp recipe is so cheerful and I love the oak leaves and acorns. They fire the imagination!

You choose such an interesting variety of quotes to illustrate. I can see you writing a children's book and illustrating it, but also using your beautiful handwriting for the text. You must! ;)

Bird ornaments! What a good idea! They also inspire me to try my hand at a watercolor of birds!
I love this gal! Was she done for the art class you were doing? I'm going to find a frame for her and put her on the wall near my art desk for more inspiration!

You are the kindest of friends. I will have hours of fun perusing this wonderful book. The calendar is on the wall over my art desk and I'll use it to keep track of my exercising. I've got a streak of one whole day going! (Right now I'm just doing flexibility exercises from a book called Pain Free, which helps us older folks prevent stiffness and pain in joints.)
By the way, I've taken over the corner of our bedroom with my art space again. I still have my nice office/study/library in the other bedroom, but it feels too much like I'm in school when I'm in there since I spend so many hours studying there. So, I'm moving some of my photo album stuff and my painting and drawing supplies in here where I think it will be more fun to do creative things. :) Besides, I had this old desk that has moved from place to place with us, and I wanted to give it a useful place in our house. It's kind of old and beaten up, hence the tablecloth!

Miss Audrey came to visit while Mom and sister Hazel went to town on an errand. We made her comfy on the couch to watch cartoons with her dolly she has named..Hazel!

Here's Miss Hazel at her house. This is her first time to drive a jumperoo! Micah says she was squealing and smiling and having a great time. Time to work those leg muscles! (And Mom's arms can get an occasional rest!)

That's all for now. I had more pictures of other things, but all of this uploading to Picasa seems to take a lot of time. Discouraging when you want to upload lots of photos, but I don't know how to do it faster or to upload multiple photos without going through every step, every time. Anyone out there got some hints?

Have a lovely day, Pom and Glenn. (You may be my only two readers on this blog!)

Shalom from Minnesota!