31 August 2012

A walk with the girls...

Daughter Micah is trying to find ways to hasten the birth of little Hazel Jane. Well, we're not in that much hurry, but she thought a walk into town and back would be fun, so I tagged along!

Audrey seemed to be saying, "Oh, I'll smile if I must, but I'd rather look at all this stuff!"

When we got to beautiful downtown Nevis this couple on a homemade bicycle for two crossed the trail in front of us. I wasn't fast enough with the camera, but it's quite a contraption. The little gingerbread looking building to their left is a daycare. Right over the top of the blue vehicle you can see a shelter which houses Nevis's giant muskie statue. Every town needs a giant animal statue!

On the return trip I caught a glimpse of the setting sun between the trees. This actually looks like something out of Lord of the Rings. Kind of scary...but pretty in person.

It was sort of a cloudy day, and it was getting dark, but pleasant for walking. Audrey watched an acrobatic squirrel jumping from tree-to-tree. He did it for quite a while, but my slow camera would never have captured him, so I just watched with her instead.

A little earlier in the day Audrey did a piano duet with Grandpa. They played "Taffy Was a Robber"; the only song Grandpa knows on the piano.

I also checked up on the progress of this little Hubbard squash. Not much growing season left little squash! Maybe those weeds will keep you warm?

I was noticing how bright this little corner is. I bought some new highlighters and sticky bookmarks for school. The little rake is a telescoping backscratcher! Handy!

Today was my first day of nursing classes. Unfortunately, one class was cancelled because the instructor's father-in-law passed away and they had to make a long trip to Oregon to be with the family. The one class we had went very well, and I'm much less nervous about it now. We split up into teams of 4 or 5 and these are the folks we'll work with all semester when we do group activities.

Right now I'm going to go open a couple of online accounts at websites where we'll be doing some of our classwork and then I'm going to get a head start on my Microbiology reading for next week.

Have a great evening and lots of shalom in your home!

25 August 2012

A relaxing day!

Only one more day before school begins and I've been doing a lot of puttering and some artsy stuff. Hubby and daughter, Micah, along with Audrey, made  a trip to Bemidji to buy trim for the trailer that Micah and family will soon be moving into. So, I've had several hours to do my own thing. Ahhh!

Besides creating this lovely stew...

I also cleaned up an old shelving unit we are putting in our pantry. I won't show pics of our pantry because it's a disaster, but that will soon change with all the new shelves! :D

Earlier, I went outside and fed hay to one of our horses and covered the hay stack in case it rains. That's been the extent of my outside work, except for when I washed the shelves with a bleach solution. I did that on the porch.

Oh, while I was outside I took a couple of photos of the squash plants and a few actual squashes! Our harvest has been sparse because we have been bad farmers, leaving nature to take her course without our intervention. That method doesn't make for bounteous harvests...

I think this next little guy is a hubbard squash. I don't think he's going to grow up in time!

Micah's been creating another diaper cake for a friend's baby shower. I think she's getting pretty good at this. By the way, you don't eat these...

Besides my above activities, I sat around and drank iced tea while watching HGTV. A favorite past time. And then I did a little drawing and coloring to make something for the LISA AND KAREN ART EXCHANGE.  I will only show you the outside of the envelope, because I want the contents to remain a surprise until Karen/Pom Pom receives it on her end in beautiful Centennial, CO. :D

Pom, I've been re-reading "Lisa's Brown Cloak" and still find it very inspiring! Thanks for writing a book just about me!

I still enjoy seeing how you morph people into your own peeps! I'll probably mail that brown envelope on Monday so I can get the right amount of postage. ;)

The family has returned as I typed this, so I'll join Bob for a bowl of stew and we'll probably begin boiling some sweet corn. (Though I may devour my stew first. I'm HUNGRY!)

Have a great day! I plan to enjoy my Sunday and then jump into my new year of schooling. Please pray!!! :)


16 August 2012

Audrey and cousin Cali...

Audrey and her cousin Cali are about 2-1/2 weeks apart in age, so when Cali was having her first birthday pictures taken Audrey was invited to join in the photo fun... (Photos property of Whispering Willows Photography)

These photos were taken a while back when Micah and Cali went wading in a lake with Grandpa Doug and Aunt Ashley (Cali's mom).

Nathan with his new puppy, Ruppert...

And Starry having fun...did I already post this one? I thought I had a different one saved, but can't find it!

It's starting to feel like fall today! Crazy! Everyone stay warm! :)


15 August 2012

Nature at our place...

This little apple tree was planted by my dad quite a few years ago. It took about 7 years to begin yielding apples.

Yesterday I decided to pick some. The birds have already helped themselves to some, but there are plenty left!

I have plans to make my famous Crabby Apple Jelly. I'll need a ladder or something to reach the top ones. I'll get them later. :)

Our sweet corn is very late developing...

So we've been buying ours at the local roadside stands. Really good!

This wild grape vine lives in our pasture and climbs all over the wild plum bushes.

The kids used to like to play under these bushes in the little hidden spots.

This morning the wind is in the willows!

I hope the wind doesn't get too strong! These ancient willows are pretty fragile these days!

Now I'd better get ready for work.

Have a sunny and happy day, all!


07 August 2012

Things keep changing some more!

A few posts back I mentioned that my son Josh and his family only stayed a short time and then returned to Texas. Well...they're back!

Miss Starry

Yup, a large potato processing company that he had applied to here called him up in Texas and offered him a job, so the family packed up again and made the trip once more. Poor kids!

Nathan and Audrey visiting.

They stayed with a friend for a couple of weeks and now have moved into their own place; a nice little townhouse on the edge of town with a view of fields and trees out their back window.

So, we're glad they are back and hopefully when they get their routine established for the kids we'll see more of them.

Meanwhile, Audrey is learning to help out in the kitchen! (And someday I'll get better at waiting 'til my camera focuses before shooting pictures.)

Just an update for Grandpa down in Texas, or anyone else checking in! :)