16 April 2009

Baby-Steps on the Fiddle...

What else can you take but baby-steps when you only practice once every couple of weeks? But, I'm sticking with it. Someday my schedule will allow for more practice time. With all three of my children moving out in about a two month period we'll be needing some noise to fill the void around our house!

Today I graduated to my fourth fiddle tune by the name of Cripple Creek. That's right, only my fourth. But an auspicious fourth. Today I played notes on THREE strings for the first time. Not simultaneously, but still an accomplishment. I may never get good enough on the violin to play in front of anybody, but it's a little thing I do just for the joy it brings to myself. To feel like I'm learning and growing. Over the years I've wimped out on trying many things because I wasn't sure I would ever be good enough to "do anything with them". So what?!? It adds some spice to life and we all need that!


  1. I am so impressed Lisa!!! Tells me I should pick up that flute I have always wanted to play.

  2. YES! Go for it! It's so important to nourish that creative urge instead of just saying, "Oh, that's so impractical." I really have to allow myself to make time for this. I'm really enjoying myself even on days when I don't play so well!

    I hope you'll take the plunge!

  3. Slow and steady WINS the race!