25 May 2011

A squadron of swans...

I was outside planting some tomatoes on my deck this morning when I heard what I thought was a flock of geese flying over the house. It dawned on me that the honking had a different "timbre" than that of our local geese. As I backed up to get a better look a flock of about 15 swans came swooping over our rooftop! I'm glad to report that swans are making a comeback in our area. When we first moved here 20 years ago I didn't see any; now they are a much more common, but still amazing, sight!

My husband, Bob, wasn't so sure that swans flock together like this, but after some research found that they do during migration. I guess that's what these folks were up to. BTW, this is a stock photo I found online. Too bad my camera wasn't close by!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Lisa! Wow! How exciting! I wonder why the swans are coming back.