30 August 2011

Scaling back...

I had to make a difficult decision yesterday. I dropped my two nursing classes! I will reapply for next fall, but this semester I need to just concentrate on the three generals I have to finish. Five classes was just too overwhelming and I feel like I need to give 100% of my concentration to those nursing classes when the time comes. My nursing instructor was very kind and helpful. I'm hanging onto my pile of nursing books and I will try to read through some of them in the spring and summer so I have a head start for the fall semester. I feel so much better having more time to work on Chemistry, Nutrition and College Writing II!

I went for a two mile walk yesterday and hope to continue doing some walking at least every other day. Now that I only have three classes I may work in four more days of work each month. That should help with the pocketbook.

The next three years will be challenging intellectually and financially, but the Lord can get us through it! :D

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  1. Good for you, Lisa. You're wise to take it in manageable portions. You're amazing and I'm sure you'll find that the three classes are fun and fulfilling enough! Oh my goodness, the pictures of Audrey are so sweet. They make my heart melt! I might draw and color this weekend if I can stay in the Pom Pom studio (little room where I keep all my stuff) long enough. Sending love your way, sweet friend!