23 February 2013

My boys...

Just a photo that popped up on Facebook of my son Josh and his little guy, Nathan, who is being held by his Uncle Jordan. I'll put up a few more for you, Glenn. :D
Jordan is a good uncle...
Little Starry, aka Ellie...
These were taken on a recent field trip to an aquarium in Dallas. Did we tell you that Josh and his family are moving to Kentucky? Apparently, Jess's parents and siblings are moving there and Josh and family are going with them. Jordan will be the only Texan. Funny to think how that all happened! Jordan has lots of good stuff going on where he is and lots of friends who treat him like family, so I'm not worried about him. He's planning to come up for a visit next month.
Well, I had better go see if Bob needs help with getting hay to the horses.
Y'all be good! ;)


  1. We saw this funny video of a horse that knows how to open gates. He lets all the horses out, all except his mother! He can open a freezer, too! I think it's on Youtube.
    I'm so glad you are sleeping well and feeling free! Hooray!

  2. Come over and see the Willows!