27 September 2009

Birthday evening in Bemidji...

Friday was Bob's birthday, so yesterday while Missy was spending the weekend with us, we decided to take her and Jordan out for Chinese food in Bemidji. Our favorite way to celebrate! The food at the Super Buffet was great, as usual.

Jordan had plans to go to the Cabin Coffeehouse afterwards to see Eric Bervig aka Chasing Clarence "in concert". We decided to join him to see what it was all about.

The Cabin Coffeehouse is in a small storefront in Bemidji. As you walk in the front door you enter a small, cluttered, quaint coffee shop where you can order something to eat and drink. Then you walk through a short hallway to the back where there is a room with a small semi-circle of a stage protruding from one wall. The room is "decorated" with a cabin theme. Log siding on the walls, a large painting of a log cabin beside a lake painted on what appears to be a 4'x8' piece of plywood, big windows with forest green curtains and frames, three of which look out onto a brick wall, small circular tables, a few couches arranged along one side, a kid size plastic kitchen in the corner, magazines and boardgames. When Eric and the band (consisting of Sam on keyboards and Ezra on a box drum) began playing it felt like you were at a family jam session. Nothing polished about it, just a folksy, jazz mix of musical styles and lyrics about life. Toward the end of the set Eric's two children, ages 6 and 8 joined him onstage with their violins and helped him with a song. Everything was very low-key and relaxed. We really liked it.

Today Missy and Jordan went to church with us, then treated us to Subway. Now we're back home having German chocolate cake for dessert.

Better go be sociable!

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