03 October 2009

Goin' through the motions...

Jordan flew off to Dallas this morning about 10:00, so he should be visiting with Josh, Jess and family by now. I know my mom checks in here to get the latest news of our family. I haven't been writing as regularly lately because I've been spending some time working on songs and such and haven't had as much blogging time left.

Anyway, as my kids wander farther and farther from "home" I've spent some time thinking about the meaning of their lives. I feel honored to have been given the gift of being their mom. As a mom there is still that instinct to keep them safe and to want to have them nearby to see them and visit in person, but most of all I want them to follow the path God has laid out for them. My mothering days are behind me and my days of prayer support will go on until we're all safely in our real home. Heaven.

Life may hurt and it may not be safe, but there's no safer place for them to be than in the will of God. So, I pray that they will desire to follow Him all their days and I'm excited for them as they all go off on their "grand adventures", as Jordan described this trip he's taking.

I don't want my children to spend their lives just "going through the motions" as this song says so well:

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  1. Yes, going through motions...so easy to fall into that. C