29 October 2009

Surprised by Mushrooms...

I'm reading Karen Mains' book called "With My Whole Heart". In it, she has a chapter where she describes taking a class on identifying mushrooms. She took the class hoping to learn how to identify edible mushrooms in the woods, but was told right off the bat that wasn't the goal of the class. She discovered she had a child-like fascination with these fungi. After reading a bit of the chapter and her references to the many interesting names of the mushrooms I just had to go online and look for some pictures. I couldn't believe what a huge variety of mushrooms exist in the world! I came across a website of Taylor Lockwood's Mushroom Fungi Photos and was mesmerized.

She describes how mushrooms are like the flowers on a bush. The main vegetative part of the plant is subterranean, made of a mat of threadlike growths out of which the tiny "buttons" grow and emerge through the soil to become mushrooms. They have a fascinating life! =0)

God's creation is indeed incredible and, it seems, there is no end to the surprises you find when you open your eyes!



  1. I remember reading "Open Heart, Open Home" by Karen Mains when I was a young bride looking for ways to extend hospitality. I should read that book again!

  2. I never learned to like mushrooms--they taste like dirt to me! (Want to know how I know what dirt tastes like? Doesn't every kid learn this?). C

  3. I also loved "Open Heart, Open Home"! I also am not a fan of mushrooms as far as eating them (though the cooked ones are okay) but I was amazed at the variety of shapes and colors!