29 April 2010

I may be going back to school! College at MY age?

My hubby surprised me a couple of days ago by asking me if I'd like to go to college. Don't laugh now, but this was right after we had been watching Mrs. Washington Goes to Smith. For those who haven't seen it, it's about an older woman who returns to Smith College to complete her college degree after her children are grown. ANYWAY...

I've mentioned on numerous occasions that I wish I'd taken advantage of the opportunity to go to college when I was younger. My step-dad was going to pay for my college education, but I didn't have any idea what I wanted to study and didn't want to waste his money, so I didn't go.

I've always known that I DON'T want to work in the deli forever, but didn't really have a plan. I sure didn't think I would go back to school, though it sounded like fun to take a class or two.

I've been interested for a long time in nursing at some level. I'd like to work maybe with geriatric patients or doing home-care. What I'm considering is going to a two year community college and getting an Associates Degree in what they call "Nursing (Generic Option)-Associates Degree (RN)".

It's a little scary in a lot of ways. 1.)Is my old brain capable of all this learning? (But I've seen lots of people who seem less capable than me who are nurses. Yikes!) 2.)It's a 100 mile round trip to the school, but my boys did the same thing for 4 years, so I could probably manage. 3.)I would give up my job, because I can't possibly do both, so financial aid/grants would have to be enough to pay some bills while I do this. We are very much living from paycheck to paycheck, but this would have to be the Lord. Nursing would be a ministry of mercy in my thinking, not just a career. I'm not sure it will pay much more per hour than I'm making at the deli, so that's not the reason I'm doing it.

It was my husband's idea and he's not worried about the financial part. He would also have to give me some space and quiet for studying, which would be the hard part for him, LOL! We're driving down to the school in Wadena, MN on Thursday to talk to someone. Our kids have all gone to community college, so we know the registration process will be a pain in the neck, but that's okay. Anyway, we'll find out a lot on Thursday.

I've already checked out some library books to start refreshing my memory in the area of chemistry and algebra. Heck, I've never even taken algebra, how can I refresh? But I can get familiar with it before I have to take the Accuplacer test.

I'm excited though a little nervous. All my life I've talked myself out of doing things because they looked hard. It's called FEAR. I've been working on that and I'm not going to listen to that little voice anymore! Amen?

Any nurses among you who can give me some input?

Now I'm off to peruse "The Joy of Chemistry" before going to work at the deli. =0)

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  1. Sorry for my question on fb I didn't know you had posted this. I am so proud of you for wanting to do this.. it is an awesome adventure no doubt. College can be fun and just to know that you are much wiser than the younger students, they seem to look to you for advice. They are also helpful. Always remember that doubt is a satan thing, so when in doubt, Remember that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE TO THOSE WHO BELIEVE AND NOTHING IS TOO HARD FOR GOD. He lives in you and you are blessed and highly favored.. You can do ALL things through Christ (The Anointed One) who strengthens you... I love you and praying for you.. Love Barbara
    PS you were not born with a spirit of fear but of Love, Power and a sound mind..