29 April 2010

This Ride Is Speeding Up!

Feels like I'm on a rollercoaster that keeps going faster! We went to the school and nobody "official" was available to help us, but the receptionist seems to run the school, so she helped us!

She answered questions and then sat me down to fill out the registration form online. Then she asked if I could come back at 1:00 to take the Accuplacer test! I wasn't expecting that quite yet, but I took it and aced the reading comprehension part. I got a 43 on the Elementary Algebra, which isn't surprising since I've never had Algebra! (41st percentile, so I wasn't at the very bottom!) Next Tuesday I go to see an advisor to sign up for summer classes. Probably Fundamental Computer Concepts, Introductory Algebra and Intro. to Nursing in Long Term Care (CNA). I might have to take more credits to qualify for financial aid, but I'll find out then.

Whew! This is mentally exhausting, but I'm praising the Lord for giving me peace all day. I'm just going to enjoy this experience as much as I can and try not to be fearful about anything. =0)

What's really fun is that my dd will be doing summer classes, too...
She will be doing hers online and will be living close by so we can talk shop and act like old study buddies. What fun!

Looks like I'll be updating my immunizations before the nursing part of my schooling starts, but I have to rack up 12 credits of generals and get my CPR certification before that.

Thank you, Lord, for this new adventure! Help me to keep my eyes on you and on the goal of using this training to care for others. Amen!

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