12 September 2010

Crying Over A & P...

Seriously, I just plunked down my Anatomy and Physiology book and had a good boo-hoo. I told God I really hate this stuff! I hate chopping the body up into little pieces and examining and analyzing how each cell works. I'm more of a poetic, romantic type who would like to keep some of the mystery in life. Can I survive a nursing course with that attitude?

Well, after I had a good cry and washed my face, I felt a lot better. I spent some time outside feeding one of the barn cats and her kittens and just enjoying the sunshine and drinking in the greenery of the woods around me. After a little time doing human things and enjoying nature I was ready for another go at A&P. I have a test on Wednesday on things we've done in the lab portion of the class. I also have tests in both of my psychology classes between now and Wednesday! Thankfully, one is open book and the other teacher allows us to bring in as many notes as we can on a 4"x6" card. I'm going to write very small!

To answer my own question, no, I probably wouldn't survive this nursing course if I thought for a minute I would end up working in a hospital the rest of my life. Though I may have to do some training in the hospital, home-health nursing is what I really want to do, and I have to keep reminding myself that this is the only way to get there. If all else fails, I can always be a home-health aide instead. I want to help people to be able to stay at home rather than going to a nursing home. I think that would be rewarding.

Off to study some psychology! (Or maybe visit a couple of blogs first!)


  1. Oh, I feel for you, Lisa. Sometimes I long for school again though, where I could read literature and listen to professors. Now, it's had work herding eighth graders and I want to stay home and be a poor poet.
    You'll be a fantastic home health care nurse! Hang in there!

  2. Thanks for your encouragement! I know I'd love college if I could just take one class at a time, such as a literature course, and really concentrate just on that. It's when they pile classes on top of each other and each one takes so much time. There just isn't time in a day and there are still family things you want to be involved in and as you say, I'd love to just stay home and write the great American novel! Maybe in a couple of years! :-)