17 September 2010

Fall has fallen...

The air is getting cool and dry and it feels good to start up the woodstove in the morning to take the chill off of the house.

It's dusk right now and I just started the fire again. There's a definite tang in the air! I've been studying a lot today. Another test in A&P on Tuesday. I'm not dreading it as much this time. I got good grades on both of my Psyc tests and my A&P test last week. Computer Fundamentals is kind of fun. We're making brochures and flyers, something I never tried before. I'm also enjoying Nature Writers, a literature course involving reading a lot of writing by naturalists and nature lovers of old. It's a pretty laid back course, which is nice.

Well, I'm off to do some more reading! Enjoy Fall!


  1. Oh, I LOVE the idea of a Nature Writers class! Mmmmmm the smell of a wood stove all stoked up sounds blissful.

  2. It is very fall like here. I am loving it xoxo