28 October 2010

My ever changing point-of-view on the universe...

***I told God, "I really hate this stuff! I hate chopping the body up into little pieces and examining and analyzing how each cell works. I'm more of a poetic, romantic type who would like to keep some of the mystery in life. Can I survive a nursing course with that attitude?"***

That's an excerpt from my September 12th post. I can't believe how my attitude has changed in six short weeks! Yes, Anatomy and Physiology is still my hardest class and I have to study hard to memorize all of the information, but I'm SO impressed with God! How can anyone study the inner workings of the human body and not glorify God! We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Each little cell and each little organism within the cell knows exactly what to do to keep the body alive and functioning. No amount of evolution could have produced even a single cell; only a Great Designer, far more intelligent than we can even comprehend, could have done this. Of course, I already believed this, but I REALLY believe it after seeing what miraculous things happen inside of this body He created. Then there's the rest of the universe...

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  1. How wonderful! I love reading about your discoveries. You shall make a lovely nurse. I'm pulling for you!