15 February 2011

Library Book Sale!!

For a few years now I've been waiting for a copy of "L'Abri" to become available at Paperbackswap. So imagine my thrilled suprise when halfway through the boxes of books I found what looked like a brand new copy of L'Abri sitting right in front of me. I gasped audibly and grabbed it! It seems like at least one of these "treasures" pops up each time I go to a sale.

I went through about 150 boxes of ten cent books and found a complete set of The Chronicles of Narnia. I had to get them, of course. They were only ten cents each! Their deal of the day was all the ten centers you could fit in any size box for $1! I only found about 12, so it wasn't a big savings, but it was tons of fun.

Picked up some fun books and donated some back. Gotta keep the shelves full, but not TOO full. :)

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  1. FUN! I'd like to read L'Abri, too. I remember when my mother took a Francis Schaeffer course. I've read his wife and daughter's wonderful books.