12 March 2011

This is SO ME! :-)

I've been watching all of my favorite home design shows on HGTV and decided to do a Google search to find my perfect living room. And here it is!

Cozy, cheerful, casual (okay, sloppy), lots of books, and the TV has been relegated to the corner! The designers on HGTV would have a COW over this, but I love it!

And while we're at it, let's put it in this little hippy house!

I love this simple little house, though it doesn't have to be perched over the river. That makes me nervous. Of course, it would be pleasant to see Mole and Rat paddle by in their little boat. :D (Grass on the roof, optional.)

I've just added a new blog, called "enhabiten" to my list. It seems to be about living simply and I'm looking forward to exploring it. I found it while looking for "hippy house designs", so it might be interesting.

In recent years I've discovered, to my surprise, that I still love the old '70's music, from the secular to the Christian stuff I listened to when I was a teen. I guess that's when we really develop our "style" and it doesn't really change. I always thought my style would change as I got older, but it really hasn't. I'll never give up my jeans!

I guess you can't take the hippy out of the old girl! :D


  1. I remember when I met Jesus is 1977, I found the Christian music of the time SO beautiful. It marks my singing soul.
    I love the hippie house AND the living room, too. Last night we were at a fancy mountain house with a breathtaking view. I found the hosts very gracious, but I could not find any personal touches or cozy "crash" spots. I was happy to come home and cuddle in our unmade bed!

  2. Amen, sistah! It looks like we both came to the Lord during the same "Jesus Movement"! For me it was 1973. I still listen to my tapes of The Second Chapter or Acts, Lamb and Keith Green.

    I'm glad to hear we both love cozy "crash spots". I knew you were a kindred spirit! :)