12 April 2011

April showers...

The rain is gently pitter-pattering on the steel roof of our log cabin and a small fire is burning in the woodstove. If I'm smart I'll go to bed soon, but I just had to visit Jody's messageboard and read a few blogs before turning in.

Only three more weeks of school and then summer break! I'll be working full-time at the deli for the summer, but I hope to fit in some reading and walking. Bob and I are planning to make a car trip down to Texas to see my folks in May, and we'll stop off to see kids in Oklahoma and north Texas on the way. Dear daughter Micah and her hubby, Adam, will do chores for us, bless their little pea-pickin' hearts!

Little grandson Nathan. One of the loved ones we'll see in Texas!

I'm off to visit a couple of blogs then I'll throw a couple more logs on the fire and turn in.

*yawn* :]

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