13 April 2011

First walk of the season...

I walked ONE WHOLE MILE down the hiking trail adjacent to our property. Things are still brown but I needed to get my slothful self out the door and get my system working. I'm trying to take it easy, starting with a mile and working up to two. When that's too easy maybe I'll speed up to a shuffling jog. I tend to go out and do too much at first and then I'm so sore I can't get back out there for a while. I'm also doing some crunches and some arm exercises with 5 pound weights. Starting low on the reps. Guess I'll have to fire up my Exercise Log blog to keep myself accountable and keep track of my progress! It's mid-April, so we could still have some snow, and it was pretty brisk out there this morning, but at least I won't get too hot. Up, up and away! :D

(Two year old photo.)


  1. Good for you Lisa, I should do the same thing!!! Clarice

  2. That is a very lovely path in your picture! I wish you sunshine for your spring walks!