06 June 2011

A satire on the Middle-East...


  1. That's very interesting, Lisa! I liked it.
    Thank you for your nice happy comment today! I'm so glad you are my friend!
    I bought all four Lark Rise seasons because I love them so much. My husband said, "Are you going to watch Lark Rise all summer long?" I said, "That's a great idea!"
    I love Sense and Sensibility. I'm reading it on my Kindle, too. Much Ado About Nothing is a gorgeous movie. It makes you want to go out and shout "I love you!" at the sun!
    You can watch parts of Lark Rise on YouTube. It's kind of hard to decipher the order of episodes though.
    I planted more sunflowers today because I find I am too cheap to buy bedding plants. I keep sowing seeds and watering the dirt.
    I'm sorry that I do not know the illustrator of the gorgeous room. I went to childrensbookillustrations.com or something of the sort. I didn't like how the site was set up but as you can see, I did find some pretty images.
    If you email me and tell me your address, I'll draw and color a picture for you and then you can draw/paint/color a picture for me. How's that sound? My email address is maston.karen@gmail.com
    Guess what's in the oven? Rhubarb/strawberry cobbler! I picked my neighbor's rhubarb! She said it was okay before she left for her vacation. Smile.

  2. Hello Lisa, thank you for your visit and comment about Elizabeth Goudge. Perusing your blog here I looks like we have other interests in common, such as Israel, and John Eldgedge's books (I saw that in your profile)! Thanks for stopping by, it is a pleasure to meet another reader of my favorite author.