22 June 2012

Exciting news!

We've had some joyous news at the Richards/Yliniemi household  (aka The Commune)! We've received reports that son Josh and his little family will be moving back to our area! We are now in the process of making numerous calls back and forth to figure out the logistics of moving a family with two small children to a new community where Josh does not yet have a job nailed down. His old employer at J&B Foods (where I work) has expressed interest in rehiring him, but they haven't solidified that. They have an apartment spoken for, but have only a small stipend with which to get here, so Josh will have to work for a bit to come up with rent money. It's really a leap of faith to make this type of move! Of course, we can shoehorn them in here to keep a roof over their heads for a while, but we're praying things will fall into place quickly. It will be SO wonderful to have them here and to get to know our little grandkiddos!

Josh and Jess

Mr. Nathan Aslan Richards

Miss Danielle Starry Hope Richards

Their little cousin Audrey can hardly wait to have more cousins to play and grow up with! (She has one cousin on the Yliniemi side, but these will be the first Richards cousins she will meet!)

Miss Audrey..."Are they here yet?"

Besides this good news, I've gotten to spend a lot of time outside this morning. I did a little hoeing in the garden, helping daughter Micah with her horse and dog chores and snapping a couple of photos.

Bob and I are going back out to play now, so I'll talk to you later!

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  1. Hooray! That's GREAT news! I'm so happy for you! It'll all fall into place. Being near family is priceless!