01 July 2012

The kids and grands are on their way!!

As I type this Josh, Jess, Nathan and Starry are on the road. They last checked in from Kansas and hoped to reach Des Moines, IA to spend the night. Then they will arrive late tomorrow. Josh and Jess both have job interviews Tuesday, so there's not much breathing room.

Praise God, Josh reports that the kids are traveling well. They have a video player, so Nathan is enjoying movies. (What a difference from when WE were traveling with little ones!) They are renting a nice little house in Park Rapids, which is about 12 miles from us. They will be close to work, when they find work.

Please pray for safety as they travel and that they will be able to get at least one job between them. They're still trying to figure out if it makes sense for Jess to work, or if she should stay home with the babes. With the cost of childcare she might be better off staying home, which would be her dream!

The Lord is good! When they moved to Texas I never expected to have them back here in Minnesota. You just never know, do you?

It's hot everywhere, so STAY COOL...somehow! :D


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  1. Hi Lisa! Prayers for safe travel! What a joyful reunion you'll have and it'll last and last! Yes, one good job.