13 March 2013

A special visitor...

Son Jordan has come to visit for a week! We got home at 2 a.m. this morning after picking him up from the airport in Minneapolis. After sleeping late we got up for a late breakfast and have just had a great day of visiting, babysitting and more visiting!

Jordan treated us to some of the worship music he plays at his church as their worship leader.

Audrey did some coloring...

and Uncle Jordan did a quick sketch of her using her crayons!

Odj also enjoyed trying out Grandpa's binoculars!

Hazel had fun rolling around on the floor, swinging in her swing and jumping in her jumperoo, in addition to lots of holding and cuddling time!

Here are a few random photos taken in the last week. We've gotten a LOT of snow. I guess we need the moisture, but it does make things challenging. The horses had fun with it!


Hopefully, I'll get more photos while Jordan's here. We're so glad he could come and so proud of the great person he's become.

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