01 September 2013

The mother ship...

I tease my step-daughter, Missy, that she lives in the shadow of an alien mother ship...

This water tower stands about 10 feet behind Missy's garage and in the event of a tornado would probably land on top of her apartment. I'm not sure what they were thinking building  it this close to an apartment building. It wasn't there when she moved into her apartment two years ago. Anyway, it is an impressive sight to a hayseed like myself.  This is where I'm staying while Bob is in rehab and finishes radiation treatments.

It's been a slow weekend. Bob's physician ordered bedrest for him so he can't be moved out of the bed until Tuesday when we hope the order will be changed so he can begin physical therapy. He has treatments until Friday and maybe a few more. We won't know until this next week. He seems to be doing well and didn't need the anxiety drug this last treatment. I'm glad of that because it makes him really out of things.

So, not much happening at the moment. I sit with him about 10 hours a day, but I'm learning to take breaks and explore Fargo a bit. I went to the mall today and shopped around in a Scandinavian import store. I found a copy of  Flicka, Ricka, Dicka and the Big Red Hen, which is part of a series of books I read to my kids many years ago. I had to buy a copy for Audrey and Hazel. They don't write 'em like THAT any more! (I'll try to take a picture of it later and post it here.)

That's all for now. Things are winding down and I'll be heading out to get some supper and return to the mother ship for the night. :)

Shalom, folks!

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  1. Take good care, Lisa. You are so loving and supportive. I'm praying for you!