22 September 2013

A change of scenery tomorrow?

We got moved to a private room a few days ago. This is part of the view out of our window. This is the roof of the Catholic church. Looks like a fun place to sit and birdwatch!
I'm hoping that tomorrow will bring a change of scenery for Bob and myself. I think I'm happier about it than he is. He won't get to go home, but will be much closer than we are here. Bob's being transferred to the Golden Living Center in Walker, MN where I hope he gets good physical therapy. I'll be 18 miles away at home and hope to spend the first couple of weeks being with him a lot before thinking about going back to work.

Right now, work is 12 miles west of home and the nursing home is 18 miles east, so that will be a lot of driving. If Bob needs long term care I may go job hunting in Walker. That would certainly simplify things...I think. I'm finding there are no guarantees or fail safe plans, so we take it day by day.

It will be nice to be home. I'll try to make sure they are taking good care of Bob. It's all I can do right now.

I want to babysit for Micah on Thursdays and Fridays, so I'm looking for a four day work week with Mondays off as well. That will mean working every weekend, but with Bob not at home that doesn't really matter. That way I can visit him on Monday, Thursday and Friday mornings and then work out some other days to visit along with Micah and Josh doing a little visiting. If I actually work in Walker it will be much easier to visit him every day for a bit.

So, that's what's happening right now. Bob is pretty quiet and not very perky. Thanks for prayers! :)

Shalom on your day.

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  1. Praying. You are a trooper. The Lord will cover your plans.