25 November 2013

So long since I've posted!

These have been a long 5 months spent at the bedside of my sweet husband and best friend of 33 years. On November 19 Jesus held out his hand and beckoned, and Bob followed Him into a wonderful eternity we can only try to imagine. I'm so happy for him, that his suffering is past and is now forgotten in the joy of being in the presence of his Lord and all of those loved ones who went before him. Thank you, Jesus!

This holiday season will certainly be different than any before for those of us still here on planet Earth. We will try to create new traditions centered even more closely around the real meaning of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Our little 2 year old granddaughter, Audrey, still doesn't know where Grandpa is. Up until now we've been able to tell her he's at the doctor. We're working on how to explain that he is with Jesus. She has kind of stopped asking, but I'm sure she'll remember eventually and I hope God will give us the right words. She and Grandpa were best buddies. Give us wisdom, Lord, please.

I am thankful for my wonderful family. All seven of our children and their families have been such a lifeline through all of this. Thank you, Lord, for taking us on through to that great reunion of believers that you've promised in Your Word! :)


  1. Lisa, you are a woman with eyes for eternity. You understand what our provisional God sees and believes for us. I am so thankful that you are my friend. I pray for you. I shall pray for you as you grieve the loss of wonderful Bob.

  2. Lisa, please accept my condolences and thank you for visiting me at Thistle Cove Farm. I have several posts of the journey Dave and I took, if you do a search for "Dave" and you'll find most of them.
    Also, sporadically, I write a blog called 1WifetoWidow and it's helped some, perhaps there's something that would help you as well. It needs updating, just another thing on my ever-increasing to-do list.
    Dave made his peace with God only five days before he died; that's given me a lot peace but it's still been incredibly hard. The worst was in March, after Dave died in November, when I wanted to kill myself. Yes, I'm a Bible believing, faith beholding Christian and two things stayed my hand...the animals need me and God whispered, "But Sandra, if you do kill yourself, you'll miss all the blessings I have for you." I've always asked "why" and I've always chosen to believe God knows best; even so, the struggle is great.
    We had no children, Dave and I, and my goal is to sell and move; God willing.
    Too much information but perhaps there's someone who reads your blog and the comments who needs to know...it's okay to question God, it's okay to be afraid, it's okay because our God tells us to cast our cares upon Him, He cares for us.
    Someone told me, "One day you'll be reunited with Dave" and I replied, "One day that won't matter because I'll be reunited with Jesus." It's all about Jesus and His story; if losing Dave and me telling the story helps someone else find Jesus, it was worth it all.

  3. Hello Lisa, I'm pleased that you've signed up to take part in A Pause in Advent this year, and am happy to meet you, too. Your words in this post are so gentle and so few, yet say so much... Wow. Thank you for posting so beautifully - I'll be praying for you and the family now I've 'met' you.