20 October 2013

We continue on our way...

Since the last post on this blog we've moved around a bit. We didn't actually leave the next day as hoped, but stayed a while because Bob's platelet counts were low. When we did get transferred to Golden Living Center in Walker Bob only stayed overnight and had to go to a hospital about 40 miles away because of low blood pressure and dehydration. We think they discharged him from Fargo too soon. After a week in Bemidji, he was transferred back to Walker where he is now.

Bob has been pretty stable and seems to be comfortable and fairly good natured about being in the nursing home. He likes the staff and they are all very sweet to him. One of the CNA's told him that it was generally agreed that they wish all of the residents were like Bob! His memory is very short, so if someone visits he promptly forgets they were there, but we remind him often of how many have cared enough to drop by. He's eating well, which is a good thing. I try to keep the TV tuned into something positive like Trinity Broadcasting or HGTV so I know there won't be any questionable programs on overnight. Bob has never been good with silence and solitude, so the TV is always on. I notice a lot of other residents do likewise.

Bob is finding it challenging and frustrating to form his thoughts and verbalize them, so I'm kept on my toes trying to figure out what he's needing. I can usually suggest a change of position or give him a drink or a snack and all is well. I try to use humor to let him know I'm not frustrated with his communication problems. I'm spending about 6 hours a day with him and I'm trying to be there to feed him his lunch and supper.

Most of Bob's sentences are non-sensical, but occasionally he says something meaninful. Yesterday he asked me if I had enough money in my pocket which I found very touching. It sounded like the old Bob concerned that I had lunch money for work. Today while watching a football game he said, "Good catch!" He asked me today, "Who's changing the baby?" I asked, "What baby?" He answered, "Sophie." He's mentioned a baby named Sophie on several occasions. This fascinates me because I don't know any babies named Sophie. Is it possible that he's seeing a baby who awaits us in Heaven? One never knows!

I'll be staying with Bob as described as long as needed. I'm glad to have this time to show him how much he's loved and to make sure he is comfortable.

Thanks for checking in and shalom! :)

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