21 May 2009

Ah, glorious spring has arrived!

It's a wonderful spring afternoon. I've just gotten home from work and it's in the 60's, which is nice for Minnesota this time of year. I look out the window on sunshine and green trees, horses grazing in the pasture, and a lawn that is only partially mowed. That's where I'm heading right now. Out to get some sun on these shoulders that have been indoors all winter. And after mowing I'm going to cultivate my vegetable garden for a while. I'll probably overdo it, but that's part of the fun.

Time to turn off the internet and get down to real-life. See you back here later!

Have a happy summer. Now GO OUTSIDE! =0)


  1. i would go outside, but it's a hot, muggy day in phoenix. maybe tonight when it's slightly cooler.

  2. Michelle, I understand COMPLETELY! I used to live in southeast Texas and I remember hot and muggy. Going out in the evening...a good thing! I'm just such an "insider", I have to really talk myself into going out the door. Then I'm glad I did.