24 May 2009

A nature walk...

Yesterday I decided to walk around the perimeter of our property in search of wild mint. We've had a pretty good crop over the years and I'm familiar with where it grows, but I didn't find much this time around. Could it be a scarcity of bees? I've seen nary a bee all spring.

I did manage to pick a small bunch of mint and tried to leave some to reproduce. Here is my little "teapot" brewing some mint tea!

Here are some little raspberry canes which will bring forth tiny raspberries in the fall...which I hope won't be here for a LONG time!

I also encountered a tiny little iris-like flower. It's only an inch tall. Iris or violet? Hmmm...better get out the guidebook.

And here is a cluster of wild plum bushes after which our farm (Plum Hill Ranch) is named.

Next year's Christmas tree?

I just can't take enough pictures of the sunshine on all of the greenery. It was a long winter and I hope it'll be a long summer! =0)

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  1. It looks like spring is getting a good start in your neck of the woods.