12 May 2009

Filling the Empty Nest...

The last of the fledglings have flown the nest. It's a little emptier of possessions and a lot emptier as far as being able to interact daily with our children. In just about a two month period we went from having all three of our kids, age 17-26, at home, to having none. I know we all experience the empty nest eventually, but this was a little different, I think, than many people experience it.

Anyway, the shock has sort of worn off now and my husband and I are in the process of beginning a new phase of our life...kind of like the kids are doing! We're looking around at all of the projects that need doing and planning where to begin. It will be sort of fun being just a couple. We've never had that experience before since my husband already had four children when we got married. The three that just left home were our second batch, making seven all together.

I've taken over the loft bedroom as my little personal space. Being an introvert I think it's pretty necessary to have a place to get away from everything and just think my own thoughts. It's the only way I can recharge my emotional batteries. My husband, being the opposite personality type gets recharged by socializing, so he has some difficulty understanding what makes me tick. I guess it's always been that way between introverts and extroverts. Surprise! =0) The loft overlooks the living room and is pretty open, so we really aren't separated by much space--it just seems private because I'm on the second level. So, it works for me.

I've filled my little loft nest with things I love to do. I have a place set up to practice my tinwhistle and violin. I also have a large bed on which to spread out my photo album pictures which are in real disarray. I love that I can leave them scattered all over the bed as long as I need to, which will make it easier to actually get around to working on them. I also dug out all of the bags and boxes of needlework and other craft projects I've been putting on the back burner all of these years and have displayed them in totes on shelves so I can find them easily and begin working on them a little at a time as I feel like it. It will also make a great exercise place and most importantly a place to read the Word and my devotionals and have some quiet time.

So, I think I'll repair to my loft right now, practice my instruments while my husband isn't here (I don't play very well) and just enjoy the peace and quiet. And while I'm there I'll say a little prayer for my children who are just beginning a grand adventure. Lord keep them in the palm of Your hand. Amen.

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