11 January 2010

A look at my dusty bookshelves...

With all this snow it's great reading weather! I have to admit, I just love looking at pictures of others bookshelves. I like to enlarge them and check out the titles just in case there's something there I can't live without!

My bookshelves are old and simply made, but I love them. Here are a few of the books on my shelves. As you can see, I love OLD books! =0)

Thanks, Mom, for all the C.S. Lewis non-fiction! =0) The Narnia books I collected on PaperBackSwap. "The Wind in the Willows" I bought after reading "Surprised by Joy" where Lewis mentioned it as one of his favorites. I loved it!

Some favorites and some I hope to read...

Ah, Tolkien! "Castle Blair" was a book C.S. Lewis read as a child.

I always adopt books on Jewish subjects when I find them at the book sale. Just a love of mine.

Remember Taylor Caldwell and Frank Perretti?

Old hymnals and Grace Livingston Hill...

I found out that G.M. Trevelyan was C.S. Lewis's history teacher in college, so I'm glad I found this "History of England" written by him. (I actually bought them before I knew of the connection. One of those book sale treasures! I love English history and literature.)

Jane Austen and Bill Peet! I read this Bill Peet book to the kids when they were younger and when I saw it at the book sale I had to rescue it! Poor little book!

Yes, I am an Austen/Bronte fan!

Scott, Trollope and Edith Wharton...

So many delightful books!


  1. I see we have a lot of the same books. Here I Stay by Coatsworth looks intersting. Clarice

  2. Lisa, I love your header! What a beautiful snowy picture. And I also enjoyed looking at your books. What a lot of good ones you have! I also just noticed your husbands great gfather. That is some beard. Enjoy your reading and stay warm!

  3. Thanks so much for visiting! I've added you to my blog list and I hope to have time to browse your blog! I love your header, too! =0)

  4. My sister had that same Wind in the Willows. I looked at it, but I didn't read it until a few years ago. I adored it, too! We are reading Night at school. I loved looking at your books! You'll love Wayside Sacraments. She's awesome!