07 January 2010

Moving day for Jordan...

Last night after work (8:30 p.m.) I headed over to Jordan's apartment to help him move. He's storing most of his belongings at our house because he's moving to Fort Worth for six months or so. While there he will live with his brother and sister-in-law. It's sort of a reconnaisance mission to see if God has something for him to do there. He's unattached, so now is the time to travel and see a bit of the world.

His apartment is on the second floor, so Bob and I, Jordan and three of his friends ran up and down carrying boxes and pieces of furniture. It took two trips with the pickup and two cars filled to the gills to get everything in. At our house I stored most of his things in our loft room, so up and down more stairs carrying boxes! Every muscle is sore! Well, maybe I used up some calories!

He spent the night with us and headed to Fargo this morning where he's doing a 12 day medical research study in order to raise some extra funds for his trip. When he returns he'll take about a week to prepare for his trip and then he'll head south.
I'm hoping the fact that he's keeping his bed, couch, and so many other items here at our house means that he'll be back! We sure will miss him, but want him to follow what the Lord has for him.

Now that most of the moving is done I'm relaxing, visiting on Facebook and watching TV (while drinking copious amounts of tea).

Whew! See you later!

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