27 August 2010

First week of fall semester comes to an end...

Five classes and five teachers, each with their own style and agenda. It can be mind boggling! I'm still sorting through all the online syllubus(es)(i)(?), handouts, audio lectures, virtual flashcards, course schedules, ad nauseum. And that doesn't even include the textbooks, study guides and lab manuals! It may take me a few weeks to really feel like I have a handle on how to use all of these resources, so I'll try to relax and keep an eternal perspective. That always helps!

After the first day of classes I decided that taking two science classes with labs back-to-back just wasn't going to work. I gave it some thought, made an appointment with my advisor and told her I was switching to the LPN track and dropping Chemistry, which isn't a requirement for LPN's. We replaced that class with another psychology class, so now I have introductory psychology and developmental psychology, anatomy and physiology, a literature class and a computer fundamentals class. I think this is a do-able, though certainly not easy schedule.

I have a great bunch of teachers. Not a sour puss among them!

I had a long day at the deli, so I'm going to bed early and then tomorrow I'm going to re-attack my homework. I have lots to do, so I'd better not procrastinate!



  1. You can do it, Lisa! So much learning - a delight for your GREAT BRAIN! I'm cheering for you!

  2. Aw, you're such a sweet little encourager! I'm exulting over just finishing my first two papers for Developmental Psychology. They were sort of a mental hurdle I was having trouble even beginning. But the Lord gave me the words and I even got a little testimony in there. (They had to ask whether religion or spirituality is decided more by nature or nurture. They opened the door right up!)