02 August 2010

Listening to Firestarters...

I'm watching a live streaming video of The Gathering 2010, which is a 9 day long Christian gathering in Ottertail, MN. My husband, son and daughter are there, but I had to stay home to finish some algebra homework, so I'm watching and listening as I can. The video begins each evening at 7 and will be aired through August 8. If you're curious you can watch at www.firestartersmusic.com. It's kind of radical stuff, but it challenges us to get "out of the box" in our spiritual walk. It's over an hour drive to get to Ottertail from here, but my family makes the trip and feels it's well worth it. We love these folks!

I just have 3 more days of algebra and I'll be finished with summer school. Woo-hoo!
I was thinking while driving home from school today about what I wanted to do with my nursing training once I graduate. (That's two years down the road.) I realize I'll probably have to work in a hospital for a while to get experience, but that's not what I want to continue to do. My real interest is to do home health nursing. I would like to enable people to stay home instead of needing to go into a nursing home and to make their lives a little easier. I think I would enjoy traveling around from home to home and having lots of variety in my day. I'd also like to do some medical missions trips, either to third world countries or even poor areas of our country. So this is one of those phases of life when training takes place that may not always be enjoyable (though I hope to enjoy some of it!) but is necessary to reach the end goal.

Well, I stayed up too late last night listening to The Gathering, so maybe I'll turn in earlier tonight so I can catch up on my sleep.


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