20 August 2010

Is fall almost here already?

Another summer has flown by! I suppose doing summer classes helped to rush it along. Now fall classes begin next week!

I've enjoyed my two week break from school and especially the three days spent with my mom and dad in Texas. Mom, if you're reading this, thanks for taking care of me and showing me the sights. I really enjoyed seeing all our old home places and taking pictures. Angleton has changed a lot, but there is still a lot left of the old Angleton I remember. Glenn, thanks for all your great cooking and for the copy of "Miss Potter" WITHOUT subtitles. What a treat! Now I can visualize you two going through your daily routines down South and I don't feel quite so far away. I'm looking forward to seeing you again in the Spring, and I hope to also look up some of the cousins.

Bob and I spent a couple of hours cleaning the garage yesterday. We're in the midst of a huge cleaning campaign on our little farm and I hope the momentum keeps us going until we have it looking a whole lot better.

We had a big rainstorm last night. Usually the grass is brown and crunchy this time of year, but we've had so much rain this summer that everything is green and lush. My petunias and marigolds look pretty healthy for late summer.

Well, I work this weekend and then on Monday I drive to Wadena for a day of orientation classes. My online classes also begin on Monday. Then it's off and running for the fall semester! I'll be glad when I'm all finished with school!! (But I'll try to get a good attitude going and enjoy it as much as I can.)

If I don't blog for a while, you'll know why! ;)

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