10 February 2012

An encouraging word from college...

A gal called this morning from M-State wanting to know if I'd taken the PAX exam yet, because they had received my applications for the LPN and RN programs, but didn't have my results for the exam. I replied, "Yes! I did take the test!" As it turns out, they were looking for the results for the PAX test for the LPN program, but I took the test for the RN program. When I told her my score she said, "Don't bother taking the PAX exam for the LPN program because with your score you should be a good fit for the RN program."

Well, that's not an "official" yes on my acceptance into the program next fall, but it sounded pretty positive to me! :D It seems like forever since mid-December when I finished my fall classes. I'm kind of looking forward to classes next fall. (I know; I'll wonder why I said that once classes begin!)

Good-night fellow travellers on this big blue ball... ;}

1 comment:

  1. Way to go, Smarty!
    You are going to make a fantastic nurse, Lisa.