04 February 2012

Miss Danielle Starry Hope Arrived just yesterday...

Following close on the heels of Atticus Jeffrey, (Pom Pom's new grandson)here is our new little person. Her name is Danielle Starry Hope Richards and she arrived yesterday, February 3. She lives in Ft. Worth, Texas with her dad Josh, mom Jess and brother Nathan Aslan. I think Nathan is already smitten!So are we!
Our quiver of grands is bulging and continues to grow. Two more great-grands are due this spring and summer and another grand in September!! No wonder I can't keep birthdays straight! :D
Just wanted to officially announce her arrival. Mom, baby,dad and brother all doing well!


  1. Oh, hooray! Danielle Starry Hope is a GREAT NAME! She's beautiful!
    Congratulations, Grandma!
    I held little Atticus today. He is so tiny with a head of black hair!
    Aren't we blessed fairy grandmothers, Lisa?

  2. Yes, we are! Blessed indeed! Enjoy that grandboy! (I knew you would like Starry's name!) :)