06 April 2012

A freaking out...then a "Thank you, Lord"!

College. It seems to be a series of ups and downs; a rollercoaster experience.
So, I've registered for my classes for next fall. All is well...I think. I determined that I would only have to drive to the school two days a week. Oh...change of plans. They've now decided that the Medical Microbiology lecture class should be split into two sessions so we would retain the information better. In other words, one more day of driving to the school. (It's almost a 100 mile round trip each day.) So now we're up to 3 days of driving each week. Oh...another change. One of my nursing classes has been changed from Monday to Friday. Friday wasn't a day I had planned to go to school. I had planned to work every other Friday and every other weekend. So now I will be driving FOUR days a week and won't be able to work on Fridays. AAARGG! Okay...take a deep breath. Check out the possibility of taking classes in Detroit Lakes instead of Wadena (aka Tornado Alley). Okay...nope. They don't even offer the two nursing classes I need. Well, that takes that decision out of my hands.

Okay, okay. I'll go back and look at my schedule again. Hey...the other nursing class has also been rescheduled for Fridays. Hmmm... Both nursing classes are on Friday and the lab for one of them is on Thursday. So...if I sign up for Medical Microbiology in the online version...HEY, I'm back to driving just TWO days a week! Thank you, Lord!! :D (He knew this all along, I suppose.)


  1. Oh whew! I can just imagine the sense of relief you had when you figured you could take the online course. What you are doing is difficult, Lisa. I'm so sure that when you're finished you'll be a fantastic (artistic!) nurse!

    1. Thanks, Pom! You're such an encouragement! Have a blessed Easter!