23 April 2012

Night Owls...

I had to work early this morning. I stepped out of my back door and onto the porch at about 5:30 a.m. The stillness of the morning surrounded me. The sky to the east was just turning blue and pink; the sun not yet up. Then I heard it. Hoo...hoo-hoo... The coolest sound ever! I'm rarely outside this time of morning or during the night, so I've only heard this sound a few times. I listened and was treated to a second hoo...hoo-hoo. I guess it's the time for owls to look for mates? Here are a few owl pictures. Perhaps this is what my owly friend looks like...
Ooo...kinda scary!

Kinda artsy-craftsy...
Very pretty!
Child-like painting...I like it!
Ah, I bet this is what he looked like! Looks like somebody caught him in the act of hooting! :)

I didn't remember that I was such an owl fan, but I think I am!

And now, a summer fashion show starring...Audrey, of course!
The one-piece...
A side view...

I will add photos of her two-piece...after I remember to load them on the computer!

Have a great evening!



  1. I think so many people are intrigued by owls--not sure why. Perhaps it's because there is something mysterious about them--I know that they do fascinate and frighten me just a bit. Twice since living here we have seen a huge great horned owl at dusk at the back of our yard where the cleared yard meets the woods. I thought it was a dog, until I saw it slowly lift off and float upwards to the limbs of the big pine tree!
    Little Audrey is seriously CUTE! Have a great weekend!

  2. I like owls and I have been meaning to draw some. Audrey is such a beauty!