18 April 2012

Quiet Time...

Driving my car home from work tonight, I realized how much I enjoy this quiet time. It was about 8:30 p.m. All I could see was the white lines on the road and the tail lights of the car ahead of me. The dark trees rose up on both sides of the highway. I caught an occasional glimpse of the fading blue of the evening sky reflected on a lake, while everything else was a black silhouette. It was a very peaceful feeling.

I often pop a music CD into the player and fill that silence with music. Sometimes that feels right, but tonight it seemed right to use this time to brainstorm, think about art, talk to God, plan something I want to write about. Silence is at such a premium in my life. Living with four adults and a baby, there is very little opportunity to just think my own thoughts.

I have to remember not to fill the silence with noise. Quiet time is a special treat.



  1. It is! We cherish it when we don't get a lot of it, don't we? When we are old and have less going on in our lives, maybe we won't appreciate it as much. I hope I will.
    All the action and life in your home right now is best for your heaven bound heart.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly with you that we're blessed to have our kids and grandbaby with us right now. Hope I didn't sound otherwise! :) I just need some solitude now and then and was appreciating that part of my commute! :)