12 April 2013

A ton of fun with Odj...

Audrey was feeling under the weather, so Mama Micah (as Odj calls her mom) left her with us while she and Hazel went to Early Childhood class. Audrey has had a persistent, though intermittent cough for over a month and has visited the doctor a couple of times. The last time she got a chest x-ray and had to wear a "straight jacket" type device to keep her still. Poor little kiddo. That's the sort of thing that sticks with a little one. Pretty scary when Mom can't stay with you in the x-ray room! She had some inflammation in her lungs, so she got some medicine. Well, the medication seems to upset her stomach and make her throw up. Now she doesn't want to eat so we're trying to keep her hydrated until Monday when Micah will take her in again if she isn't better. We're not sure if she's sensitive to the medication or if she's developing an allergy to milk. Prayers appreciated for little Audrey.

Despite all of these tribulations Odj had some fun today with old Grandma and Grandpa. I was glad to have a chance to love on her after all she's been through since the last time I saw her!

There was much drawing to be done...

...and, oh! What's on T.V.?
It's the Bubble Guppies! (One of my favorites.)
Okay, more coloring.
We traced around everyone's hands. Audrey thought it was pretty fun once she got the idea! She's getting really good at manipulating those crayons.
Chomping on some raisins and watching...
Peter Rabbit! (Well, it's not Beatrix Potter's art, but...still fun.)
Audrey and Hazel got matching shirts...
Audrey learned how to "fix" crayons by tearing off the paper to reveal more crayon goodness.

Audrey "takes our picture" with some little audio gadget that doesn't really take pictures.
Ball throwing practice. Watch out!!
Playing with a little friend...
Time for reading of Dumpty Dumpty Dumpty Dumpty.

Now the Bear Family. Audrey did lots of good reading today!
Next on the agenda, stacking blocks...
...two different ways!
Now for a little Dora the Explorer...
and some relaxing time (that lasted all of 5 minutes)!
And that's what we did today with Audrey. It's always entertaining! :)

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  1. Wow! What a day, Lisa! Odj is extremely adorable! That cough lasts forever! Our Miss Bug has it, too. Her mother is tired of the sound of coughing!
    That Peter Rabbit cartoon is sad. Don't you think they should AT LEAST have accents? For Beatrix?