29 April 2013

Nathan and Starry...

I haven't posted new photos of little Nathan and Starry for a bit. Jess and Josh post a lot of photos on Facebook, but this grandma has trouble keeping up. It's so much easier to take photos these days that they proliferate faster than we can categorize and put them in virtual albums, blogs, etc.! Anyway, these were pretty cute, so I thought I'd share.

Nathan seems to be enjoying his new home in 'Tucky, as he calls it. Josh said that the other day Nathan climbed up into a patio chair and got stuck and couldn't turn around. When Josh asked if he needed help Nathan said, "No, the firemen will come and help me!"
The bathtub was having technical difficulties, so Nathan and his pirate ship adapted to the situation.
One of my babies...
Starry eating Goldfish and giggling...
Those little barefoot southern kids!
Old Jord playing at a church concert on Saturday, I believe. (I probably wasn't supposed to steal this photo. Shhh...)
There's a cute video on Facebook. Glenn, you may be able to see it if you click on this link:
Gittin' late. God bless y'all and shalom on your households!

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