26 April 2013


I emerged from my den, blinking in the bright sunlight...

Still snowy, but the temps should be in the 60's today. Yesterday it was in the 30's, so this may be the big change we need to finally melt the snow and start the grass growing and the trees budding!

It's a quiet day off for me. Bob's gone to get hay, groceries and visit the doctor. I am a lady of leisure...for a while. The two cuties (Audrey and Hazel) will be visiting us tonight while mom and dad, Micah and Adam, go out to eat for their 4th anniversary. (They both celebrated their 22nd birthdays this month!)

Here are the latest photos of said cuties:

Rolling on the floor is one of Hazey's favorite things to do. She's just started to crawl to reach interesting objects!
Audrey is always quick to climb into Grandpa's chair if he dares to get up for a second. Here she's enjoying some fruit flavored treats. (Her faves!)
Then it's jumperoo time!

I'm planning to do some blog visiting and loafing. Have a great day!


1 comment:

  1. GREAT! You need a quiet day. We love those quiet days, don't we? This is not a quiet day for me. I had a work day this morning (at school/charity event) and now we are helping our neighbors with a wedding set up. I'll be pooped by tonight.
    Audrey and Hazel are so darling! FUN!