13 May 2013

A Good Mama's Day weekend...

We celebrated Mother's Day a day early by dining at the local Mexican restaurant which opens each year on Mother's Day weekend. My oldest step-son from Colorado paid the tab and we all made sure we had a Mud Ball for desert! There were many nice greetings on Facebook and sons Josh and Jordan called to visit on Sunday evening.

Today the Mother's Day fun continued with a package from Josh and Jess in Kentucky. Enclosed I found this nice handmade card...

Josh has always felt that handmade cards are best. I'm pretty sure that Jess made the outside and Josh wrote the greeting on the inside, which makes it very special to this mom!

There was also a great picture of grandkiddos, Nathan and Starry aka Ellie (short for Danielle).

This one I copied from Facebook...

Looks like these kiddos are becoming countrified!

Another great Mother's Day gift was a copy of The Hobbit from Dad Glenn! Thanks, Glenn!

I wonder if Audrey would like to watch this with me. She's coming over on Saturday. Hmmm... Excited to see it!

Time to get outdoors and take a walk. Blessings to all y'all who stop by!

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  1. The orcs are scary!
    I'm so glad you had a happy Mother's Day!