18 May 2013

Oh, Minnesota...

I saw this photo on Facebook and had to save it. It tells the whole story! (The caption said something like "Two weeks of weather in Minnesota". It's true!

We're greening up! Yahoo! And here's a little proof of spring I brought home from my walk the other day.

And a couple of glamor shots taken by Micah's photographer friend Flo (who is also married to Micah's taekwondo instructor, Nick Bretz). Micah's girls were playing with Flo's little boy, Dominick, so they weren't all perfectly coifed, but I thought these were good.

We're babysittin' tonight! Woo hoo! Lots of giggles! :)
That's all for now. I spend way too much time on my art blog, so I have to say "Whoa!" sometime!

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