10 May 2013

Come, Lord Jesus!

That's what Bob says when the skies do this...

I'm resurrecting my exercise blog:

This picture was actually taken a few years back. Probably further back than I think! Anyway, getting back into walking and maybe some jogging. A 5k is a possibility in midsummer and I really want to do the Dick Beardsley 5k in the fall.
The sky photo above was taken as I was returning from today's walk. I just got a few sprinkles, so that was good.
Not a lot happening otherwise. Working a lot, walking, and creating Artist Trading Cards; my newest fad! :)  I talk more about that on my Pen and Ink blog. Oh, and I guess I'm doing some blogging, too.
Y'all have a shalom filled Mother's Day weekend!

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  1. I love your light-hearted delight as you enjoy the activities that minister to your soul!