04 July 2013

A happy birthday song from grandson Nathan to his Uncle Jordan...


Happy birthday, Jordan.
I love you!
(Or something like that.)

I should say it's from Nathan and Ellie aka Starry. She does make a cameo appearance at the beginning. Too much joy not to share!

Jordan is in Florida as we speak at a big seminar where he will compete in singing and such. It's the culmination of the past year he's spent with a Christian talent organization called Actors, Models and Talent for Christ. As you can tell, I'm a bit fuzzy on the details, but he's hoping it will help him in his ministering abilities. Hope he's having an exciting time. (You can find out more about AMTC by clicking the link above.)

It's the 4th! Bob took me to a flea market this morning to browse. Now I'm back home and he and Micah are on their way back to town with the grandgirls to watch the parade. I worked so hard yesterday that I really wanted to stay home today... so I am! :)

Here is what I purchased while "browsing" at the flea market.

Four bucks!
Another $4! (And it has a basket, Pom!)
Most of the puzzles at the flea market were $1. I thought this one was pretty. Haven't done a puzzle in years, but I thought we could leave it out on the dining table and do it while admiring the garden outside.

 I bought lots of little frames! Cheap!
I especially like the two frames shown below. They are both heavy metallic frames. I'm not sure if the pictures are of "real" people or advertising, but they're intriguing enough I just might hang onto them!
The lady who sold me the two frames below, for $1, also had many oil paintings for sale. They were painted by her husband and were really pretty good. Since I couldn't afford one of those I bought these! (She lowered the price to 50 cents but, since I was feeling magnanimous, I paid her the full $1!)
Yay! Peter Rabbit! Audrey will love it!
Sorry, for 25 cents I just couldn't pass up this ceramic spoon rest thingy!
That's it! I even had money left over!! :)

Have a great 4th!

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